Recently we found we’d made a bit of a mistake in our code. We’d forgotten to abstract away a dependency and now the package was changing. We were going to be in find and replace fun for a couple of hours and then the testers were going to have the joy of making sure it all worked. This was a lesson for the devs who’d made this micro-site in why we abstract away dependencies.

So what’s the big deal? Well, like everyone working with React we’ve been going through the learning process of using hooks and building sites while the…

So recently we had a problem. We’ve started building a micro-service based e-commerce platform that communicates using azure service bus. Unfortunately we found that setting up azure functions with a service bus trigger either ended up with a lot of code to maintain or a lot of deployment pipelines. It was getting to be a pain, so we looked for an alternative which we found with logic apps and a bootstrapper function which I’ll take you through how to implement.

So what’s the problem with Azure functions? I’m not knocking them, I like them and they’ve got a great place…

Azure is great, React is great, but serving a React app or any single page application from Azure is not so great at the moment. It seems that to serve an application many people are recommending the use of Azure App Services. However when you create an app service you also have to have an app service plan (kinda like a VM) and it needs an operating system and it’s always on and although it’s not super expensive it seems like a lot just to serve up a bit of html and JavaScript.

There is another way though… Azure storage…

Dave Manton

Full Stack Developer and Software Architect

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